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veela x mulder

I've been so preoccupied with the death of Little Big Head that I forgot my rattie duties. Photos of course!
Well I took some photos today that I thought I would share. The mommy comes all the way from Pennsylvania (which I had the pleasure of visiting). Mom, Veela, is a lovely russian dove satin with bunny soft fur.
The father, Mulder, is a russian dove dumbo satin. He won best buck at a small show recently and he comes from my own rattery (he was born here)

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This is a russian platinum (I think). When she gets bigger she will have pink eyes and her fur will be a frosty white....silvery with a hint of blue. I'm keeping her

Image hosted by
This is a dove, like the parents. Also keeping her....oh the whole litter is female

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three russian platinums (or russian point siamese) and one dove. I'll know for sure what color they are in two weeks

Image hosted by
The mom. SHe's scurrying back to the nest. The baby was a few days old in this photo. That's a dove :]

I hope to post more photos real soon of my keeper rats from my recent litters. One baby boy, Yoda, is the brother of Little Big Head. :]
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