Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27


I have a rat that thinks he's M. Jackson :P
I hold him by the scruff and sway him (gently!). His arm slowly goes down to his crotch! It's so funny! I thought it was a fluke so I do it again. He does it again! I'm lmao here! I was going to name him Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. Now I need to rethink this name!
Oh and I decided to keep Little Big Head's brother. I named him Yoda. Little Big Head's full name was Yoda's Little Big Head but I never used the name Yoda. I just said Little Big Head or LBH. So I don't think it's dishonoring my sweet wittle guy. Yoda is a hooded triamese (seal point siamese hooded) rex with one small eye. I've noticed that a lot of breeders have been getting small eyes. Weird. Maybe it's because his daddy is from harley lines and his eyes aren't that big (they aren't piggy though).
The Jackson baby is a pickle. He is either a really good siamese hooded dumbo or he's molting in a funny way, making it look like he's a hooded. I don't know if he's a russian siamese or a seal point siamese (he carries the gene for r.p siamese)/ I think he's a seal point with points that are more grey then brown. The points are brownish but they have a grey undertone. He's really pretty :]
I'll take photos later!
Mo, im me girl! *whine angst*
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