Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I bought this rad game called Everblue 2. YOu are a scuba diver doing requests and finding things. I'm 60% done but there's a glitch! I have to get into a door in a pirate ship. To get into this room I need to move two barrels. When you can move something it highlights. Well it isn't highlighting. Basically I can't get into this room and I'm stuck where I am :(
I've been watching too much Fresh Prince and Roseanne :P
Nothing else worth mentioning. imonsie should be coming over tomorrow. I just need to talk to mom about when we can pick her up. Tomorrow is also Purim. That's the cookie holidy! Three sided cookies with fruit filling....HMMMMMMMM
I can't wait to gorge myself on homuntashins!
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