Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

for new friends and people thinking of adding me

Name? - Sara Debrah Leah Alperin
Occupation? – I'm a poor unemployed student. I've been looking for a job forever
Age? - 21
Birthday? – June 19, 1983
Favorite color? – blue, purple, and pine green
Shoe size? – 10 and a half
Residence? - Los Angeles, California
Eye Color? - hazel. one eye is greyish green and the other is bluish grey
Hair Color? - light brown....dirty blond
Height? - 5'8

Do you watch TV at all? – yesum
Do you have cable/satellite/Direct TV? – Direct TV satellite
Do you have Tivo or other digital recorder? - no :(
Favorite TV Show(s)? – Futurama, Jay Leno, the educational channels, Three's Company, Conan O'Brian
Favorite Cartoon? – Futurama...but one that is still on I guess I would say.....Spongebob (even though it's retarded)
When you were younger and watched Facts of Life (cause everyone did) did you have a crush on Mackenzie Astin or George Clooney? {Straight men you are free to skip this question.} –I didn't watch Facts Of Life...or at least I don't remember watching it. I had a crush on Mr. Belvedere though!
Guilty pleasure on TV? – Spongebob Squarepants

Now onto movies?
Do you own a DVD player? – I do have a DVD player but it isn't hooked up. I use a mini PS2
Do you Netflix? - what?
What is the last movie you saw? - In theaters, Finding Neverland. On dvd Saw
favorite Actor? – Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress? – I really don't know. I've always loved Drew Barrymore even though her latest movies are a bit silly. Maybe Rene Zellwigger
Favorite movie of all time? – Lion King!
Current favorite movie? - Finding Neverland
Did you watch this year's Oscars? –nope
Did you like The Goonies? - I don't think I've seen it
Who was your favorite Goonie? – see above
Guilty pleasure movie? – The Nickolodean movies!
If they made a movie about your life story, who would play you? – Drew Barrymore :D

Now onto books?
What are you currently reading? - The Girl In The Red Coat by Roma Legocka
Favorite genre? - medical thriller and science fiction (real science Spere by Cricton)
Favorite book of all time? – I guess Jurassic Park by Michael Cricton since I never get tired of reading it
Do you have a favorite author? Who? - Michael Cricton, Christephor Pike, Peter Benchley, Robin Cook
Who is your favorite character in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy? – Sam. He is so loyal and adorable :]
Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter books? - errrr that's a hard one. Maybe Albus Dumbledore. He has power but he's an easy going guy "alas...earwax"
Have you ever read Moby Dick or War and Peace? – yes and yes
If a book was written about your life what would it be called? – "The Rat Girl" ha

Ok, now music?
What is your favorite kind of music? – classical. can't go wrong with it. I also love oldies, big band, muscials, 90's rock, 80's pop and light rock, Disney songs, folk songs from around the world
Favorite Group/Singer(s)? – U2, John Williams, Mozart, The Police, Weird Al Yankovic, Foo Fighters. I'm sure I'm missing some but oh well.
Do you like to attend concerts? - I only go to concerts of groups I *really* like.
What was the last concert you attended? – errrrr John Williams Does the Olympics at the Hollywood Bowl last summer. I'm going to see U2 in two weeks!
Do you ever see videos on MTV? - I don't watch MTV anymore. It sucks now. They got rid of all the cool stuff! Like 120 Minutes, Alternative Nation, Best of the 90's (that ruled!) and there's too many damn shows now. It isn't about music anymore. I watch VH1 :]
Favorite line from a song? – errrr "Early morning, April 4, a shot rings out in the Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life. They could not take your pride". That or "It's the circle of life, and it moves us all. Through dispair and in hope. Through faith love. Till we find our place on the path unwinding in the cirlcle, the circle of life"

Now for some really random questions?
Favorite Athletes: don't care for sports
Favorite Video Games: Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Dog's Life, Zoo Tycoon, Spyro 1, 2, and 3, the first Tombraider game, Diablo, Flamboyent Eddy!
Your favorite toothpaste? I like AIM but I use Total Whitening by Crest
Your favorite sneaker? Easy Street and Vans
Coke or Pepsi? - blarg! I guess that special holiday addition of Pepsi where it tastes spicey :]
Ice Tea or Lemonade? - lemonade but it has to be quality and yellow!
Do you like Peeps (Y'know the purely sugar little chick or bunny you see around Easter)? - not really. I prefer raq marshmellows
Favorite artist/painter? – Leonardo Da'Vinci, Dali, Wyland
Favorite month? - errrm's the rainy season!
Favorite City (one that you have actually been to)? – Seattle

List your LJ Interests: I keep adding and deleting so it's never permanent
80's music, 80's tv shows, 80s music, 90's music, 90's nickelodeon shows, alaska, aliens, amethysts, animal collections, animal rescue groups, animal rights, animals, antarctica, aspca, benji, bipolar, birds, board games, books, breeding, cake, cambria, canon cameras, canon rebel eos, care bears, cartoons, cascades, cats, cds, central california, comedy, computers, conan o'brien, darkcloud2, david duchovny, democrats, dinocrisis, disney, dogs, dolphins, don knotts, donnie darko, drawing, dvds, earth, edgar allen poe, ethical breeding, evironment, family guy, futurama, fuzzy creatures, gamecube, garfield, gillian anderson, hating george bush, horror, horror movies, humane society, jack tripper, john ritter, john williams, johnny depp, kingdom hearts, koi, lake tahoe, languages, lilo and stitch, ljmaps, los angeles, mammals, mammoth mountain, monkeys, mountains, movies, mr. furley, mr. horse, mr. winkle, mulder, music, mythology, myths, neverending story, nickatnite, nirvana, north pole, northern californa, ocean, okapis, orcas, paranormal, paranormal activity, parapsychology, pet rats, pets, playstation2, politics, ponds, rain, rainstorms, rats, ratteries, ratties, reading, redwoods, ren, ren and stimpy, residentevil, rock, rocky beaches, rodents, san diego, san fransisco, santa barbara, santa monica, science, scuba diving, sharks, siamese cats, sierres, snow, south pole, southern california, squishiness, star wars, starbucks, stephen king, stimpy, television, the animaniacs, the central coast, the little mermaid, the simpsons, the x-files, three's company, thunderstorms, tigger, ufos, urban legends, vocal cats, water gardens, werewolf, whales, windstorms, wolves, writing, x-files, zelda
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