Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

just a reminder
Somebody in one of the yahoo boards had a wonderful idea for World Rat Day. On that day you donate to a rat rescue. Be it a small animal rescue that just happens to have rats or a full blown rattie rescue. One dollar, two dollars, whatever you can manage. Another good option would be to add another rattie to the family. Not from a breeder or a pet store, but from a shelter or rescue. I know this isn't possible for everybody but it's just a thought. I am going to be doing something myself. Besides doing a donation I will be opening up a small scale rescue for special needs ratties. Little Big Head really touched and I want to take care of rats like him. I will still be breeding though. I will take hydro babies, tripods, rats with tumors that are beyond surgery (make their last months comfortable), rats with neurological disorders, ect. I won't take special needs rats that are extremely agressive though.

What will everybody else do during this rattie holiday?
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