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Chaos was barking like a fool dog. Not like him. So after ten minutes of it I hear mom get out of bed and I go join her. He's outside raging at the fence. Trying to get into the gated up part of the backyard (pond area). I figure there's an animal there but I don't see it. Mom goes to look but I pull her back. I don't want it to go after her and I don't want it to be a snake causing her to freak out.
I lean out of the back door and glance into the grassy area. A possum. The nastiest looking possum I've ever seen! Biggest too! It stood it's ground. It didn't flee and it didn't go into that coma thing. It was hissing at Chaos! I think it knew the dog couldn't get to it. I think it was a mama trying to find food for it's babies. Don't think it's rabid since we don't have a problem with it. I try to get Chaos into the house. I look back outside and see that damn big possum go out of a hole in the fence that I kept nagging mom to fix. Now I think she will. It was as long as Desi (long cat) and as fat as Mystery (really fat cat). I HATE those things! They desearve to live as much as any other creature but they are so ugly! That mouth! UGH! Why couldn't it have been a racoon? :(
Yeah they are bolder but they are also cuter. I know I'm strange. I said I hate them. I don't. I just don't like their look. It really bothers me that an animal's looks bother me so much. Makes me feel shallow but I'm sorry! They are freaky looking! I'll brake for one and won't try to kill one. I just don't like seeing one :x
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