Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I can't believe it's not Phineas!

I think I might have three russian platinums and one dove. Three babies have no pigment and their eyes are pink or red. The other baby is dark and has ruby eyes. Dove :]
Michelle, you might want to give up on having Phineas babies. I have had him and Ariel together for over two weeks.
Do you maybe want a russian platinum from this litter? The dad is Mulder who is related to Phineas. Mulder's grandma is named Olivia and Phineas' mom is Olivia :]
Or do you want to wait until Ariel has a litter with Gustov? He's my friend's rat who is also related to Phineas (cousin). Whichever you prefer :]
I found a ticket seller in Westwood that is selling reasonable seats for the November show of U2 for only $200. It's exspencive but better then those other places! You get the ticket up front once you pay. I'll probably buy a ticket :]
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