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Not a SPO but a very cruel teacher

Today we had a test in geography. A girl comes in ten or fifteen minutes late. Here's what follows;
G: girl

T: You're late. You can't take the test.
G: I have a very good reason for being late!
T: Oh? Then what is it?
G: My pet rabbit got attacked by a neighbor's dog. We had to rush it to the vet!
T: I feel for your situation but you need to say to yourself "what are my priorities?"
G: But he would have died if I didn't take him to the...(gets cut off)
T: Again I'm sorry but you should have gotten a friend to take your animal to the vet. Your grades are more important.

WTF!? Later I found out that the bun needed some sort of emergancy surgery. It isn't an outdoor bun. It was outside in and inclosed yard with the owner's boyfriend supervising. A dog got into the yard and rush the bunny. I'll find out Tuesday if the bunny lived.
The girl is going to file a complaint against this teacher. I am going to back her up. There's no excuse for her horrible attitude.
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