Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

In the parking lot of Ralphs we saw a great dane! The man was waiting for his wife to finish shopping. It was a year and a half year old black berkshire (proper term?) spayed female. It was HUGE! He said she was actually big for her age. He looked to be 6 feet and she came up to his diaphram area 0_0
We are discussing what dog\s to get when we put Chaos to sleep (which will be soon due to his agression and health)
We are thinking of german shepard and great dane from rescues.Not ness. a pure bred since shepards are cuter when mixed ;)
I want the german shepard face for one and the dane face for the other. Of course I'm not going to base the search on looks. They have to be cat friendly, little kid friendly, preferably small critter friendly, and be friendly and healthy.
This won't be until after June thougn
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