Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

SKR Mulder x Veela

Jess what's the rattery name that Veela came from? I'm sure you told me but I don't remember. Also, are any of the other rats from another rattery?
Boy am I glad I cleaned out that 20 gallon! I didn't think she would give birth today since she was basketball sized yet. But after I settled down from the dissapointment of Ticketmaster I looked in on her. Sure enough, babies! She won't let me count or sex and the dried blood still looks pretty red. I think she gave birth with the last five hours.
So the babies were born March 13, 2005 :)
I expect russian dove and *maybe* russian platinum in that nice velvet coat which is a satin type. All topear. Probably get some show quality though that's not as important as health and temperament :)
I have two people wanting russian platinums; myself and cerealkiller
The father is related to Phineas, Spyro, and Ariel. Also related to Mr. Pickles II. The line is PBR (Phi Beta Rattery) which is an awsome rattery for good type and health. The temperment is also wonderful :)
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