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Today I got a packet from North Shore Animal League America. It contained a pledge for money (which I am happy to donate) and some mailing labels in my name with kitties and doggies on it.
Along with this, there were two short stories about two animals that they have\had. I shall share them with you. I typed this up exactly as it was on the paper
I scanned the letter to show you the animals in the stories
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STORY ONE::: Henry the Cute Little Orange Tabby Kitten

Dear Friend,
Henry's story really makes you wonder...about man's capacity for cruelty.
I'm leaving out some stuff they put in about the shelter in general
Henry is a little kitten, just ten weeks old, who was brought to us from a local animal control facility. He had a terrible abcess on his left shoulder and his fever was sky high-he was at tremendous risk.
Henry was hours from death, and the staff at the animal control facility where we rescued him from considered ending his suffering.
But luckily, a kind sould who knew about our commitment to lost, abdandoned, and abused pets suggested we might be able to help. When we got the call, we raced over and picked up little Henry. We kept telling him to hold on, that we would help him, but the poor little guy was barely clinging to life from the infection raging through his tiny body.
cut out some more general shelter info
When we got Henry to our Medical Center, an examination and x-ray showed the reason for the abcess that was killing this little kitten. You won't believe it.
Buried deep in Henry's shoulder, at the center of the infected abcess, was a sewing needle. Two inches long; complete with threat I wasn't really surprised to hear this conclusion :(
I can't even begin to imagine how someone could have allowed this to happen.
Obce we knew what the problem was, we were able to remove the needle, clean Henry's wound, and start an aggressive course of antibiotics to try and scale back the infection. We have some of the world's best veterinarians here, and I know that if anyone could save him, they could.
Henry is a tough little guy. Our vets were amazed that he was still alive when he got to us. So I think he's going to make it.
this boils my blood. Even if this was an accident (he was playing with the needle), the fact that there was a needle probably means he had a home. It got infected and the person, instead of taking responcibilty, dumped poor Henry at a shelter. Another option is, that some horrible "person" stabbed the poor kitten with the needle. I'm sure there's other scenarios but both are horrible :(

STORY TWO:::Kita The Abused Dog

Just recently, a guardian left Kita, a two year old shepherd mix with us. The guardian said she was moving and couldn't take Kita big surprise there *sarcasm*
I know I should be glad that this guardian brought Kita to us instead of just leaving the dog on the street, but it still makes me angry that people show so little responsibility towards animals who place their trust in us and are so willing to give us love and companionship in return.
Kita was suffering from a severe case of mange, which had been neglected for months. The poor dog had open sores on over 50% of her body. The itching was driving her crazy.
On top of all that, further examination showed that Kita has a heart mumur and may need medication for the rest of her life.
They go on to say that they are still looking for a forever home for poor Kita
People really piss me off. What was this lady thinking?! *gee my dog had sores and is losing her fur! Her skin is red and rashy! I think she might be going through menapause! 8-)*
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