Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

A family friend's daughter came to us seeing if we wanted a free siamese. She informed us that her teacher's "purebred" siamese had a litter. I asked "is your teacher a cat breeder?"
"No she just has that cat. It's a girl cat who got pregnant from one of her adventures."
1. Her cat is unspayed
2. Her cat is an unspayed cat who gets to go outside.

I inform her that our balance is good the way it is. One more cat and our boy Desi would kill us all.
So does anybody in the Los Angeles are want some FREE "siamese" kittens? I can tell you now they aren't purebred. The female probably isn't a purebred since it's a shelter cat (I do know that some purebreds are in shelters but I saw a photo of this cat and it is NOT purebred)
Her teacher lives in the valley

PS-I emphisize FREE because I think that offering kittens free is a sure bet to some SPO with no intentions of spay\neutaring coming to adopt
Mo, do not even THINK it! I don't want your mom coming after me with a chainsaw

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