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I went to the PetCo on Santa Monica and Doheny. I went there specifically to talk to machina's friend Jenner about a job. They are activally hiring and she's really nice :)
I looked over the conditions and I love it! It's better then the Westwood PetCo which I like. The budgies were in those glass things but there weren't a lot so it wasn't crowded. The rats were seperated by sex. There was a black berk and an adorable himi girl in one tank and a siamese boy in another tank. And it was aspen and CareFresh! The reptiles and amphibians were well cared for (didn't see dead lizards)
So I got an application and I would rather work at this one then the Westwood one (even though I do like the Westwood one).

I went to my therapist. Mom took me. He said "why didn't you bring the photos of your room like I asked?"
Me: Because it is between mom and I. Not you.
Him: I am the person to help you improve and your room needs improvement
Me: You do NOT help me improve.
So he called my mom to find out about my room (it's still super messy but I spent hours on it today)
So when mom told him it was still messy he said "well then that's why she didn't bring the photos"
I replied with "No, I wouldn't have brought the photos even if it was spotless! It is between my mom and myself! NOT YOU!"
Then I told him that I was doing better emotionally and really the only days I'm a bitter crying loon (not exact words) is when I see my brother and when I see him.
"That is such bullshit. Don't blame others for how you feel"
I hardly think I was blaming them. I did NOT say "It is YOUR fault that I'm a basket case!"
So at that point I said "I am THIS close to walking out" to which he replied "go ahead!"
So I did ;)
He said "that right. Run away from your problems"
So I met mom at the Borders and I picked up some more Holocaust books. Then we went to PetCo. She didn't get on my case (I guess it's because I did go even if I walked out ;)
Oh yeah, as I was walking out I said "I don't even know why I come here! Oh yea! It's because I'm forced to!"

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