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How the hell am I supposed to be independent when I'm being ordered around by my therapist!?
I don't make my appointment today because
a. I was cleaning and lost track of the time and
b. Im' sick (I go to class sick though)

So he calls me and says "You can come in at 6:30"
I tell him that I' sick and I don't want to come in. He says "oh it's ok. You can come in anyway"
WTF?! How the hell am I supposed to be confident enough to lead my own life if a person that isn't even family is ordering me around?!
Mom takes the phone and happily chats to him. Saying I've been doing basically good. I hear "Oh she'll be there"
WTF?! I tell her that I'm not going and she says "You are going. Then we can go to BestBuy afterward!"
What the hell? She thinks she can bribe me with BestBuy!?
He acts just like my brother! He makes dead rat jokes! He says that I shouldn't drop my class! Why the hell should I continue with this guy?!
But I know if I don't go mom will start that "I want you out of this house" shtick. It's a no win situation. I stay home and get bitched at, becoming miserable. I go there and I feel like a worthless piece of shit. You guys are the actual reason I'm getting better. I went to Disneyland with my friend and riding Autotopia made me kinda sorta want to drive! Not him! "Well you wouldn't have to ride the bus for two hours if you drove"
That won't work on me. I LIKE to ride the bus! My brother says "It'll make mom's life a lot easier. But I guess you're too selfish to care"
What the hell!? Mom barely drives me anywhere anymore unless we are BOTH going there! She still takes me to Whole Foods because it's impossible to carry all that stuff in my bag (I tried it once)
Guilting me into driving is not the way to go. I'll drive when I'm good and ready.
He (therapist) reminds me of my brother and my brother is not one to share your damn feelings with!
I better get ready to see my damn therapist. And to think, 30 minutes ago I was happy

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