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Just wathced Escape From Sobibor
Really made me think. I have decided that before I die I will go to Poland and visit all the death/concentration camps sight. I feel that every Jew should go (hell every HUMAN). You never really know the true impact of the Holocaust unless you see something like that with your own eyes.
I went to the Holocaust Museum in DC and it really opened my eyes. This was years ago. I always knew about it and thought it was terrible but didn't know the depth of the horror. In that museum, there's an actual train car that was used to transport the prisoners. Walking through it just sent chills down my spine. You could FEEL the terror. There was a pile of shoes and toothbrushes and some Nazi books made out of destroyed Torahs. It was terrible
At the Museum Of Tolerance here in LA, there is a replica of the Aushwitz gate. It was bone chilling.
On that note, my mother knows this Irish jew that really boils my blood. First of all, I never knew I could be annoyed by an Irish accent until I met this man. His voice grates on my last nerves. Anyway, here's the convo:
Him: All those self proclaimed palastineans need to be killed off
Me: Heil Hitler
*mom gasps*
Him: that is NOT the same thing
Me: Yes it is. If it's right to kill off all the palastineans then it was right of Hitler to exterminate all those Jews.
Him: No it isn't! The palastineans are evil!
Me: And Hitler thought we Jews were evil. Doesn't make all that killing right.
He was speechless by that time. Mom agreed with me and she hate the palastineans.

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