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Wow! I've never had three litters adopted so quickly! The best part? A lot of this was from word of mouth! Somebody that bought three rats then later three more has spread word about my rattery. Now I got a buttload of UCLA students wanting ratties! Yay! This makes me feel very good. I had homes for 80% of those babies but about 20% (I'm terrible with %'s so I might be off) backed out on adoption. So I was left with a number of babies. I only have three girls and three boys now! Two boys *might* be spoken for and I might have the girls placed by the end of the week!
I'm very very happy about this. Now I can breed Tania, Ariel, and Veela without worrying about homes. I already have homes lined up for 5 girls and 7 boys and this is before I even mention them on my site! Woot!

I got your note Monique. You didn't have to reimburse me for the wheelchair :P
Thank you though. I put it in my rat money jar for my next trip to Whole Foods
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