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Goddamn PetCo. We went to the closer one which I HATE. I've been trying to get a job anywhere that place included. The manager goes "oh we aren't hiring"
Next time I go in there's a new person working. I figure "they transferred from the other PetCo"
I ask them and they say "no we were just hired the other day"
GRRRRRRRRRRR. These people are morons too! I overheard one going "you can feed your hamster this food (guinea pig food)"
The owner goes "No I can't. Guinea pig food has too much vitomen C"
"uh I don't know why. Hamsters need JUST as much V.C. as guinea pigs"
I know more about guinea pigs and hamsters then this idiot! Now take into account that I have never had a piggie and I only had a hamster a short time. Don't get me started on rats with this guy >:o
But this isn't the point of my post. I wanted to get some feeder goldfish and some blood worms or meal worms for my koi, turtle, and the rats (give them some worms)
I go to the front to get somebody to help me (there are not enough employees). The lady says "specialist to aquatics"
Specialist my ass. But anyway, I wait there for five minutes before going back to the front. Again "specialist to aquatics"
No show. I grump and curse and pick up some turtle pellets and pay for my stuff. Asshats!
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