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So I'm dropping meteorology. I tried getting up at 4:10 but I just couldn't. So mom bitched and shrieked at me. I am to drop all my classes and look for a part time job. Bullshit mom. I have made my damn Tuesday and Thursday classes. You honestly expect me to get up and out of the house at 4 am!? I would need to stay up all damn night! If I get to the bus stop at five I will be 30 to 45 minutes late for class. The professor was specific when he said continuesly being late would lower a letter grade. I rather drop it now and take it when it's at a better hour. I have an appointment with my therapist. I rather not go but if I go, he'll most likely understand my side. He doesn't like to get up before 9am. That's when I need to get up Tuesday and Thursday and you know what? I do it! Did I mention that my mom did something that she hasn't done in years? She threw coffee on me ><
She did that when I was in school. This time it was kinda hot. Surprised me but didn't burn me. If my therapist doesn't see my side I'm going to scream. I'll also talk to my brother (yeah yeah). He does help me out with mom and talks her out of her fucking rages. He BETTER see my side. Four am in the morning!? I can't do that! Bah
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