Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

WOW! It's funny that people think I'm a rat nazi when I am anything BUT! I think I am very mild with rat care. I'm don't follow the high and mighty diet plan that is Suebees. My rats get *gasp* slivered almonds!
But this chick from rattiepix thinks I'm a rat nazi. Why? Because I ASK her a question. I was NOT nasty to her. When somebody said that I am ok with that rat's situation, I said I wasn't. I stated why. Does it make me a nazi that I don't think a rat being with a rabbit is good? I did NOT say that a rat interacting with another species is bad. My rats are allowed near my cats! Wow some people. Now I know what blackthorn45 feels :-\
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