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My paper on Darth Vader

This paper contains spoilers to the movies. If you haven't seen the movies (I pity you heh), don't get mad if this ruins it for you. Also, to Star Wars Nazis, this isn't 100% accurate. I probably messed up here and there but I did this all from memory. So no bitching ;)
An Epic Hero: Darth Vader</div>

The name “Darth Vader” is known worldwide; a generation will remember him and

future generations will learn of him. Darth Vader, who many consider “the Ultimate Evil”, was

conceived in the late 1970's by George Lucas, a young film director. The world met Darth Vader

in the movie Star Wars: A New Beginning. Later Darth Vader thrilled the world again with Star

Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The movies show the

quintessence of Darth Vader’s origin and upbringing, his relationship with his mentors, his fall

into darkness, and his victory over the Dark Side. Darth Vader is supposed to be the ultimate

evil, but was he really evil?

Darth Vader was born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. His early years are not

entirely known. His mother Shmee proclaimed that she awoke one morning pregnant, and with

no help from a male. Originally, Darth Vader was known as Anakin Skywalker and he grew up

on a large desert planet called Tatooine. Anakin, a junkyard slave, matures not distinguishing

greed from charity, and is therefore always willing to give his assistance. One day a group of

strangers land on Tatooine requiring aid. Young Skywalker does not hesitate to offer

whatever help he can give and proceeds to enter himself in the big race. If he wins the strangers

get the replacement parts for their ship that they need. One of the strangers, a “Jedi Knight”

named Qui-Gan Jinn, realizes that Anakin is the Chosen One, the legendary one that will bring

balance to The Force, which makes up everybody and everything in the universe. Qui-Gan bets

Anakin’s freedom, but unfortunately, Anakin’s master will not let him bet on Shmee. Anakin

wins the race and gains his freedom. While saying goodbye to his mother he says he will see her

again. Then he walks away with his new mentor, Qui-Gan Jinn, and does not look back.

Anakin Skywalker had a number of mentors during his life, but his first and most

important mentor was his mother, who taught him virtue and love. When Qui-Gan Jinn liberated

young Anakin, he planned on teaching him to be a Jedi. He took the boy to the Jedi Council on

the planet Corasont, where the Council proceeded to test him. Yoda, the Council Elder, knows

that Anakin is afraid of not seeing his mother again, and tells him that fear leads to anger which

leads to the Dark Side. He forbids Qui-Gan to teach Anakin The Force, but Qui-Gan vows to

tutor the child, even if it is against the Council’s wishes. At this point, a galactic war is going

on. Qui-Gan is struck down by a Sith, a powerful being with a mysterious origin, by the

name of Darth Maul. Qui-Gan’s student, Obi-Wan Kenobi goes back to the Council, where he is

given permission to mentor Anakin. The boy matures under Obi-Wan’s watchful eye, where he

develops into a promising young Jedi. Anakin, proud of his powers, begins to resent his mentor

Obi-Wan, and eventually is taken by the Dark Side. Eventually, the evil Emperor and Count

Dukoo will teach him the ways of the Force.

Anakin gets introduced to the Dark Side by the powerful Count Dukoo, a fallen Jedi

Knight who was working for a feared being known as the Emperor. A few years of Anakin’s life

are enshrouded by mystery, so some of the details concerning his descent are speculation.

Anakin started fearing for his mother’s well being. Fear is a powerful emotion and can turn to

anger, leading to the Dark Side. Anakin returned to his home planet, Tatooine, searching for his

mother, Shmee. When he arrived, he learned that she was taken by the sinister Tuskin Raiders.

Anakin, a Jedi, snuck into their camp in the hope of liberating his mother, but when he arrived he

saw that Shmee was close to death. He bid farewell to his mother and planned to leave, but a

blind rage overtook him. A Jedi is not supposed to kill unless absolutely necessary, but Anakin,

infuriated, slaughtered every Tuskin Raider, even the children. His actual reason for succumbing

to the Dark Side is unknown, but it probably involves the death of his wife Padme Amidala, who

he secretly married. When records of his life reemerged, he had fallen to the Dark Side,

becoming Darth Vader. His metamorphosis complete, he became the most feared being in the


The early years of Darth Vader are not known, but it is safe to say that he made it to the

top through cunning and ruthless decisions. Darth Vader, through the Dark Side, had become

even more feared then the Emperor, who was the supreme ruler of the galaxy. Darth Vader

fathered two children with his late wife Padme Amidala, whose cause of death is unknown.

Darth Vader’s relatives took the children and separated them, fearing their fate if Darth Vader

ever found them. Darth Vader had his own fleet, the Imperial Army, which was a strong and

massive fighting unit. Darth Vader fought in many wars against the Rebel Alliance, the group

that strives to bring down the Emperor’s rule. At one point, Darth Vader captured a powerful

Rebel leader, the Princess Leia, who had the blueprints to the most advanced weapon the

Imperial Army had, the Death Star. To get the Princess to surrender the blueprints, Darth Vader

blackmailed her with the destruction of her planet. Fearing the people’s safety, Leia told Darth

Vader the location of the blueprints. He destroyed her planet anyway. Acts like these made Darth

Vader hated and feared by almost everybody, including his own men. People that knew him as

Anakin Skywalker, told everybody that Darth Vader had killed Skywalker as a young man, which

was true in a sense. Everybody thought that whatever good Darth Vader had, was long gone.

Since Darth Vader was completely consumed by the Dark Side, everybody thought he

would die alone and filled with hate. When Darth Vader’s son, Luke, reached maturity, the boy

met Ol’ Ben Kenobi, who taught him the ways of The Force, and was later revealed to be Darth

Vader’s old mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. A galactic war erupted so Luke and Obi-Wan infiltrated

the Death Star, a moon sized craft capable of destroying entire planets. While escaping the Death

Star, Obi-Wan was confronted by Darth Vader, who initiated a Light Saber battle. Darth Vader

killed Obi-Wan with his Light Saber, a beam of energy used by Jedis as well as fallen Jedis.

After the death of his old mentor, Darth Vader turned his attention to Luke, knowing that The

Force was strong within the boy. Eventually Darth Vader realized that Luke was his son, so he

tried to sway the boy to the Dark Side. During a battle, Darth Vader revealed to Luke that he

was Skywalker’s father.

Ever since, Luke would attempt to raise Darth Vader’s good side. Darth

Vader was ordered by the Emperor to capture and present Luke in the hopes of luring him to the

Dark Side. When it was apparent that Luke would not join them, the Emperor proceeded to

torture him, using electricity he conjured from his fingertips. Luke pleaded to his father for help,

which Darth Vader ignored at first, but something Luke said must have reached him. Darth

Vader rushed the Emperor and threw him over a railing and then collapsed from recent battle

wounds. Luke and his father tried escaping the Death Star II, but Darth Vader, who knew he was

dying, asked Luke to remove his helmet. When Luke, who knew what would happen, objected,

Darth Vader insisted, saying that he would like to view his son with his own human eyes.

Beneath the helmet, Anakin was a mere shadow of his former self, wasted away from years of

hardship and battles. After Anakin’s death, his son cremated him on a Jedi funeral pyre. Before

Luke’s eyes, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda, and a handsome Anakin Skywalker appeared.

Anakin had overcome the darkness and was now one with The Force.
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