Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

The usual sad rat rescue case. A person dumps about 180 rats at the SFACC (San Fransisco Animal Care and Control).
If you would like to help Rattie Ratz with this major rescue go to the link I provided above. You can donate, adopt, or foster the rats. here is what they rescued (so far?)

Cage #1: 2 nursing moms and 9 baby girls (about 3 weeks old)
Cage #2: 1 nursing mom and 10 baby boys (about 3 weeks old)
Cage #3: 14 young girls (about 5-6 weeks old)
Cage #4: 14 young boys (about 5-6 weeks old)
Cage #5: 8 juvenile girls (2-4 months old - some were previously pregnant)
Cage #6: 6 juvenile boys (2-4 months old)

I myself want to foster some of the rats. The only problem is getting them down to Los Angeles. I have no way of getting up there. Do any Californians want to start a rat train to help rescue these rats? It might help find some more homes :)
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