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Hamlet---December 3, 2003

You will always be in my heart.

It's December 3rd. It's been one year since Hamlet died. It feels like only a few days and yet, at the same time it feels like a million years. Everybody says to forget about her or get myself a replacement. I did have a rat that was just like Hamlet. Starbucks. But she died. Then Olivia promised to fill their shoes as my best little buddy. But she died too. *sigh*
It seems I'm destined to never have a rat that will come remotely close to Hamlet. That really depresses me. I know she will never be replaced but I would love a rat to be as sweet and loving as her. To be free range and follow me. Too much to ask of a rat. If it happens, it happens. Apollo is a lot like his mother, Starbucks. He likes to roam and he's super sweet. Not the same but he's wonderful.
Ok. For my new friends, here's a quick story of Hamlet. My first rat. My best rat.

The Story Of Hamlet

I got Hamlet at one of my local PetCo's. She was to replace the lizard I had that died. I wanted a mammal and I read up on it. I wanted a bunny but we had one already, and my mom was adament about "no more rabbits". So I looked at mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rats. Rats seemed to be the best bet for me. So after weeks of talking to my parents, they agreed to one rat. We went to PetCo to pick up supplies. I just happened to glance in the rat tank and saw this adorable face looking out at me. Mom said that we were just there to get the supplies but I went "oh I just want to see her!" I asked to hold her. The rat immediatly calmed down and looked up at me. My mom was like "It's so big! Can't you get a smaller rat?!". I wanted this rat and this rat only. It was a beautiful black veriberk with a perfect blaze. At the time, I just thought she was gorgous.
So we took her home. She lived in my lizard's 10 gallon tank on pine. She was in that tank for abou two months. Then I got her a huge ferret cage. Four levels including the bedding level.She loved it. I eventually got her some friends but she was always a mama's girl. She made friends with my first hairless Daria and my old lady Isis. She was around when a lot of my litters were born. As a result those babies were very sweet.
On July 27, 2004 I discovered her first tumor. I got it removed. She got tumor after tumor and I got them removed.
On December 2, 2003, Hamlet suffered a minor stroke. Then she suffered some massive strokes. I stayed up all night with Hamlet, keeping her warm and letting her know I was there. At 9:12am December 3, 2003 Hamlet died. Her eyes cleared a second before she died and she bruxed at me. I held her for hours until the cremator came to pick her up at 12:30pm. I held her all that time. I got her back the following Wedsnday.
Hamlet loved to free range. She basically lived out of an open cage the end of her life. She loved Isis and Starbucks but wanted to be with me and be free. So I had her in an open cage where she can just come and go as she pleased. She would sleep anywhere and I'm still finding stashes around the house from her little adventures. She loved to chase my cat Desi and cuddle with my other cat Mr. Scrooge. She played with my massive dog. She could run circles around him. She would sleep with me. She was my best friend, and I will never forget her.

Photos of Hamlet

I am posting all the good shots of her. I uploaded many photos of her. Some I didn't because they are like other photos listed here. They are just as sweet but I didn't post them. I have about 100 photos of Hamlet on my computer that I uploaded today. You'll just see about 30. Taken in no particular order. I did put the first and last photos of her in their perspective spots though.

The very first photo of her. She was in a 10 gallon tank on pine. That only lasted a month though.

Took this the same day as the above photo. She didn't drink that soda. Just enjoyed the aroma.

This is from the second photo session with Hamlet. By that time she was in a large cage and roaming the house under supervision. This was probably taken in April of 2002.

Just a random shot.

Taken August 26, 2003
From her "official photo shoot"

Another photo from her "official photo shoot"

Hamlet with one of her friends. She really liked my dog Chaos. When she died, he was looking for her for a week. Wondering where she was

This photo is crappy quality wise. I don't care. It shows how she trusted me. Notice how her ears are back? Relaxed rat

My mom took this photo. Hamlet would come out of her cage and curl up with me, according to my mom. You can see her shaved area from all the surgeries.

An amusing photo of Hamlet with my old cat Mr. Scrooge.

Another photo of Hamlet and Scrooge. This shows just how large she was. Scrooge was very fat in this photo. He isn't a small cat.

Hamlet with Scrooge's tail

I walked into my mom's room one day to this. This was the best photo of the bunch. She was just sleeping with my cat Desi.

Hamlet with Desi.

Hamlet had just licked poor Desi's mouth. So he was disgusted and licked his lips. I can assure you, he wasn't lusting after her tasty flesh.

Hamlet enjoying the outdoors. This was taken July 26,2003. I discovered her first tumor that day.

Taken the morning of July 26, 2003.

Taking full advantage of her freedom, Hamlet dashes for the dirt to get dirty :P

Taken that same day. She loved the smell of roses. I love this photo

Here's Hamlet after one of her many baths. As brave as Hamlet was, she was a coward with baths. You would think I was murdering her with the screams she produced!

One more of her wet. Obviously, this was from a different bath.

Hamlet enjoying one of her many hammoks.

Hamlet showing how much she loves her mommy.

She loved boxes. Especially soda boxes

This was taken November 30, 2003. The Saturday before her death. You can see her nose has discharge. At least she got to go outside one more time before she passed on.
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