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Full name:: Sara Debrah Leah Alperin
Spell your first name backwards:: araS
Date of birth:: June 19, 1983
Male or female:: Female.
Astrological sign:: Gemini
Nicknames:: the Rat Girl, Foogal, Saars (pronounced Saaaares)
Wanna Bang:: lol that reminds me of Fingerbang from South Park :P
Occupation: rat fancier?
Height:: 5'8
Weight:: over 200 but I'm not saying my exact weight. kiss my fat ass!
Hair Color :: dirty blond\light brown. pretty nice when it's washed
Eye color:: hazel. one is grey. the other is more bluish
Where were you born:: Los Angeles
Where do you reside now:: Los Angeles :P
Screen names:: RatzGrrl, SAlperin1983, and Foogal3
E-mail addy::,,
What does your screen name stand for: me being a rat girl, my first initial and last name with my birth year, and my old fanatical love of the Foo Fighters
What is your livejournal name:: Scaredykatratz and Skratz
What does your livejournal name stand for:: my rattery name and the first two initials of my rattery plus ratz
Pets:: rats, dogs, cats, fish, and a turtle. I hope to get a frog!
Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake:: 21. the house almost burned down ^_~
Piercings:: I used to have the lame ear lobe piercings. Tried them twice. First time I didn't take care of them good and the skin grew over them. The second time I DID take care of them but the skin STILL grew over them! I give up with piercings
Tattoos:: none yet. I want a rat silouette and an orca
Shoe size:: 10 1\2 almost 11 :-\
Righty or lefty:: lefty but I can write a little with my right hand
Wearing:: a long sleeved red shirt with a v-neck, my glasses and navy pants
Hearing:: squeaky wheels and a rat sneezing
Feeling:: bleh
Eating/drinking:: nothing but I soon will get some Soy Chocolate Dream
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