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I took these two days ago but I've been too lazy to post them. So here they are!!!


On the left is Fungus. On the right is Sanz Pantz

Fungus is a blue agouti self.

Fungus is enjoying his little hanging basket ball

Sanz Pantz is my little lamb. He is Fungus' brother

Sanz Pantz is a himalyion velveteen. He's very plushy.

Maybe he's winking because he is humured over the naughty backround of his name?

Sanz Pantz likes his hidey hole

Here's apollo! Apollo is my squishy fawn dumbo stud muffin

This is my dove dumbo Mulder. He was Olivia's brother. He isn't as floppy as she was but he's a nice boy :)

These three boys are my agouti hairless boys. Two of them are available. The smiling face on the wooden platform is Apollo

That's my little hairless Dobby. The dove boy is Hoth. He is also Olivia's brother

hahaha. Dobby checking out Hoth's stinky breath :P

Only took three girl photos. Sorry :p

This is my little himayion velveteen dwarf Tatooine (that how you spell it fellow fans?)

On the left is Ginny. She's a fawn rex dumbo. On the right is Hermi. She is a black veriberk blaze

Hermi! This photo really weirds me out. My first rat Hamlet had a bad eye too that would always bug out like that. It was that exact same eye. She was boggling in that photo. It's just spooky looking :P

Ariel is my rat but the others aren't. I took these photos though :)

The massive rat is Phinious. I'm trying to mate him to my Ariel. The little guy is a full grown dwarf. He's the brother of my Tatooine. Those two are cagemates :)

This is Butternut. She's a cinnoman self velvet. We've mated her to my mink dilute Gabriel. :)

Lastly these two photos


That's what Phinious does best!
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