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I went through my give away books and wrote down any books I thought anybody here might possibly want.
I'll list their condition and my asking price.

With The Beatles-The Historic Photographs

A large paperback. In good condition as far as I saw. $6.00

The Illustrated History of the Electric Guitar
A large hardback book. In very good condition. Has color photos of many guitars. Some very old. $15-$20
Tales from the Crypt
A hardback with no paper cover. Just the book. A little beaten but not in bad shape. A history of the TFTC comics and I believe the television series. $5
The Cheater Handbook-The Naughty Student's Bible
A small little book for humur. I bought it on a whim but never liked it. In good condition. $5
ROCK ON The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock N Roll Vol. 3
A hardcover book with no cover again. In good condition. A little out of date though. 7
Virgin or Vamp: How the Press Covers Sex Crimes
a paperback. A very interesting and mind provoking book. In good condition $5
Nirvana & The Sound of Seattle
a book about the Seattle Music Scene. Paperback. Good condition $6
Peanuts 2000
a paperback of the best of Peanuts over the 50 years. Color. $5
a teen book on somebody doing smack. paperback. $5
Battle at Alcatraz-A Desperate Attempt to Escape The Rock
a paperback. Just what the title says. Very good condition. $7
Double Exposure-Fiction into Film
A really old book about movies and books. paperback. a little worn but ok $5
The Complete Idiots Guide to Dating for Teens
paperback. good condition $5
Tropical Fish
A very old book. 1984. Talks about have pirahnah as pets! hardcover. thin book but in good condition $3
Book of Historical Records
just what it says. Kinda like Guiness Book but not stupid. Hardback. large book. great condition. $15

I'll accept a bank money order (I don't know the real term) or a personal check. $5 for shipping the heavier books or multiple light books.

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