June 17th, 2010

Weird Al -- with me

Oh hai!

Eh, what with real life and being sucked into Twitter I haven't really updated here have I? Ooops!

Uh...wow a lot has happened. Let's see...I went to a few concerts and met some epic people. A few weeks ago I went to Vegas with the always lovely and adorable imonsie for the weekend. We hid in the hotel room most of the time since it was 110F! We went there for one reason: Craig Ferguson.
Of course his stand up show was hilarious and afterward we got to meet him since we had the VIP tickets. Third time meeting him for me and first time for Monsie. People have asked me if this meeting was better then my brief Cold Open appearance on the Late Late Show (see my icon). I can't answer that, both were epic and very very different. The LLS appearance was pure chance. This was a sure thing...but this meeting was better then the first time which was a book sighing. I got to talk to Craig for about 5-7 minutes! We might have talked longer if his security guy wasn't in such a hurry (Craig actually looked like he wouldn't have minded talking to Monsie and I a bit more).
Of course I got a picture...

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Ah...well besides Vegas I also went to Yosemite again the first week of May with imonsie, her husband, and her friend. We went for a week and of course it was fun! The waterfalls were overflowing with winter runoff! I had been there in January and man you could see the difference in the falls! I attached a photo of the Valley that I took from the Wawona Tunnel viewpoint.

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After I got back from Yosemite I had about a week to rest before heading out again, this time to the East Coast. Mom and I had a wedding in Connecticut so we decided to also visit Washington DC and Boston. Washington was a bit warm and humid but not awful. The one really bad day we spent inside the Natural History Museum. We toured the Pentagon where our guide was a cute Navy Special Forces Officer. We also went back to the White House and a few other places.
Boston...I love Boston but damn that weather was awful! So flipping humid! It was nice though, I enjoyed it.
Flying home was cool, we went over the Grand Canyon. Hardly any of those photos came out though, lame.

I'm looking for work with the NPS still. I'm looking at mostly jobs in the Western US, I'd prefer to stay a 1-2 hour flight from home. I won't say no to farther away so I'm looking there too.

Eh, I guess that's it for now. I'll try to start posting on a more regular basis again.

Oh, one last thing. Not important at all really but this is the first time I'm not looking forward to a new season of House. I'll watch it, I'm going on the thin shred of hope that it won't all turn to shit. I still ♥ Hugh Laurie. His character was just awful in the season 6 finale but that wasn't Hugh's fault. He actually performed it quite brilliantly, the script writers just turned Dr House into a Mary Sue, what could Hugh do? *crosses fingers for a better season*