March 10th, 2010


Twitter related

This is for everyone that has a twitter, if you don't then you may as well not read this post.

Okay, I have three Twitter accounts.
Saries7--Real life
SariesRSA--Mostly Craig Ferguson related with a dash of other fandom squee
SariesWick--A backup fandom account.

I have un-followed all my RL and most of my LJ friends from SariesRSA. Some of you I kept there because you're also Craig fans. I tweet a lot from that account because I'm kinda OCDing over Craig right now. I've also found a lot of great new people that are Craig fans. I've never had that before. I've had HP friends and House friends..never Craig friends, it's nice. So I'm kinda on a high about that and I'm tweeting a lot. I didn't want to spam your feed so I unfollowed you.

My SariesWick account is basically a backup for SariesRSA. I basically use it when I max out my SariesRSA, which I tend to do a lot. That's also Craig related but personal photos will be there. My TwitPhoto account for SariesRSA is 100% fandom but I have personal on SariesWick.

Now, my Saries7 twitter is 100% personal. I might occasionally tweet something fandom. Hey, it's me! Mostly though, it's personal. Feel free to follow that twitter but I don't update it a lot.

Okay, random Twitter post was random and probably pointless to most of you. A real post to come sometime this week I think :)