November 13th, 2009


technology is more UK photos!

My computer fried. The other night there was some sort of black out power surge and my computer's hard drive died. It's not due to a crappy hard drive but a crappy surge protector (it's about 15 years old!)
I took it to the guy that made it and he'll just charge me $80 for the labor because I'm under warranty, well that's nice of him. I lost everything. Thank the computer deities that I put stuff on an external hard drive! I haven't backed up things in months though and I just realized that I never put my UK photos on my external HD! I have a lot of them on photobucket but I had resized them for LJ! I also didn't put everything on photos of the Tower of London for example. I don't think I deleted the pictures off my memory card but I just can't be sure and I'm too afraid to pop those in my camera and look. If I lost them...then I lost maybe 10% of my photos, that's not too terrible. It also means that I don't have huge photos anymore, nothing to print in the future. I printed photos already for my photo album but, if I lost these photos, I can't make poster prints. I hope I didn't delete them off my memory cards! Or, if I did, only the Powershot cards and that my Rebel pictures are untouched! *crosses fingers*
I have my other photos though and my music, well the music besides my new stuff. IT's on my iPod though, I can download something that will transfer music from my iPod back onto the computer.

All saved games are gone....that includes Sims 3 and Spore!!! NOOO!!! I also lost my Cake Mania and Puzzle game (<3 Cake Mania).
Oh well, I can just start new games. Hooray, more time wasted!

I'm trying to finalize my plans to Yosemite but it's difficult...I vow to have everything done by next Sunday! Well, everything except get my car checked and buy stuff for the car.

A few of my friends are having babies, congrats to those friends! I still don't know if I want a kid but I'm happy for my friends.

Birthday shout-outs, both early and late. Happy Birthday: Daddy, Aleksandra, Joel, and Ashley!

I'm seeing 2012 tomorrow, I've been waiting months for this movie. From the director of Day After Tomorrow and on a subject I'm fascinated about! It'll be kickass! I plan on going to a 2012 party in 2012, maybe in Yellowstone! Haha, I don't think the world will end but that'll be one hell of a party! It'll definitely be superior to the Millennium!

Okay, because I'm going to be bored without my computer I must have a quest! You all! Give me up to three things to take a photo of and I shall post them! Exception; my room. Haha, it's way too messy right now.

I got new ratties! I'm such a sucker, my breeder friend is like "want new rats?" and I'm like "hell yes!"
I don't know what to name them. I was thinking of Kyle and Stan but they're about the same color (well, technically they're a lilac and a burmese but a rat person couldn't tell). I have a fawn (orange rat) and a black rat that named Biff and Marty that wouldn't been awesome as Kyle and Stan (but they're also awesome as Biff and Marty).
Soo....suggestions? I like having theme names!
What do you think?
Poll #1484771 What theme should I use?

What theme should my two boy rats be named for?

South Park
Harry Potter

Here's some more photos from my UK trip. You may or may not get photos from the Tower of London :(

The Bridge of Sighs in Oxford...isn't there a Bridge of Sighs in Venice?

Me! I'm in the Courtyard at Oxford. OMG, GOF ALERT!
The Cloisters surrounding the Courtyard!

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Sexy late night Comedy Central guys make my stress level a little lower.
Weird Al -- with me

2012 ftw!

I just got home from 2012, it was amazing! I'm a major fan of THe Day After Tomorrow and other disaster movies, I watch that movie a few times a year. 2012?

It's nearly three hours of epic awesomeness. There's many scenes that made me either cry, go "woah!", or just sit there in awe. Here's a few scenes...

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Anyway, to sum up this post, see the movie! Especially if you like disaster movies where things you love get destroyed.

I need a 2012 icon!

I thought I liked the movie more then DAT but now I know better. DAT came on tv the other day and it reminded me why it's my favorite of these disaster movies; acting. There's good actors in that movie. 2012 has the glitz of epic effects but the acting was bland. I love 2012 but DAT is still my favorite.