September 21st, 2009

Craig Ferguson--Cheeky monkey

More July 11th photos

Some more photos of Alnwick Castle.

Just a nice shot of the castle

Heh, I like taking photos looking up like this. For me, it seems like a very dramatic angle.


Back to homework...


Who saw tonight's House!? It was absolutely amazing, wow!

There's a point to this post! My friend David works on the new Jay Leno Show, he's one of the head lighting guys. He told me he can definitely get me to a taping of the show whenever somebdoy I like is on. Well, he got me and mom passes to go this Friday! Why is Friday special? HUGH LAURIE IS THE GUEST!
YES! I, Sara Alperin, will be in the same room as Hugh Laurie. Jealous?

I must refrain from panty throwing.

The man is bringing sexy back