June 7th, 2009

Misc---Music_U2_Edge Genius

can't sleep, so I'm doing a survey

1. How many songs are in your Library? 6423
2. What is the "total time?" 52.1 days
3. What are the first 5 songs on your Recently Played list?
Duel of the Fates-John Williams, The Candy Man-Sammy Davis Jr., The Girls of Rock N' Roll---Chipmunks movie, Violent Love-Oingo Boingo, Grind-Alice In Chains
4. What about on the Recently Added*?
21st Century Digital BOy-Bad Religion, Wrong-Depeche Mode, Instant Karma-John Lennon, Angels & Demons Soundtrack, The Feel Good Drag-Anberlin
5. Have you made any playlists? I'm very anal with my music, it's all in playlists.

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