May 26th, 2009

Misc--Homosexual love


Dear California Supreme Court,

Fuck you. You like to say you're modern and that this state is a pretty blue state. That's very well but how can you call yourself progressive...or even intelligent when you take away a person's civil rights? This country is supposed to be separate from church and state but you wouldn't know it. The union of marriage between between a man\woman is biblical. My friend marrying her fiance won't hurt your precious values or your sprogs. They aren't shoving it in your face are they? All they want is the right to marry who they love. All they want is equal rights where they don't have to wait in the waiting room if their life partner was in a car accident or something. All they want is equality. It's so simple and yet you make it so hard.
This isn't over. I'm not gay but I'm not narrow minded and I'm going to continue going to protests with my brother's and sister's to fight for what they deserve.

No love,
Sara Alperin
los Angeles

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  • 16:44 - The California Supreme Court SUCKS
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