January 20th, 2009

Weird Al -- with me

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Just a few more hours of Bush :)

I got the dvd player to work, I'm ready to go! I probably won't sleep tonight. Ack!

Anybody up? If so, ask me 5 questions and I'll answer as best as I can ^__^

This will be my default for the week I think...
Weird Al -- with me

I have a black President! :D

I'm so happy to wish our 44th President a very heartfelt Mazel Tov. I hope the next four years are as promising as he said in his amazing speech. It will be tough, like he said, but if we work together we can turn the country around!

His speech was absolutely wonderful. Kennedy, Lincoln, King...I got the vibe of all these men, plus many other amazing speakers in our country's history.

This is also today's photo of the day.