January 11th, 2009

Weird Al -- with me


Today's photo: The eerie and hauntingly beautiful Painted Desert in Arizona. Taken by me in March 2008 :)

I've done so much today. I have to get a lot accomplished before my Birthright trip in the summer (hopefully July!)
I am determined to go to the UK from Israel. I've saved some money over the years for a UK trip and it'd be cheaper to go from Israel then to fly from here. If I go I want to go on a tour..specifically a Potter tour. Not only do you go to amazing places on these tours but you also save mega $$$ then if you did it on your own. If I didn't use a tour I'd have to pay for hotel, all my food, and all the tours I take. Plus transportation from various towns (and countries). With a tour I play the flat fee and just have have money for some meals and souvenirs. If I take the Potter tour in July I want to get to the UK a few days early. The Potter tour doesn't do some stuff that I am just aching to do. They don't go to Stonehenge for one thing and they don't go to Bath. I can probably find an inexpensive tour that goes to both places on the way up to London. In London I'll have to do a few things the Potter tour doesn't do (changing of the guards, Tower of London, Crown Jewels...). Then I'd go with the Potter tour. I'm looking at 3 days early, maybe 4. Then I'd fly back to Israel for my free flight home (Birthright takes care of it). Or I'd fly home from London if the $$$ difference between UK\USA and UK\Israel isn't that large.
I'd also love to see a few friends but I don't know if that'll work out since they're in Northern England and Bath and Stonehenge are in Southern England. Hmmm...
If I don't get to the UK I'll be super bummed but I'll accept it

Tomorrow I'm going to join a gym to get in shape for Israel. There's hiking involved so I have to get into shape for it. I've been walking myself but a gym and a personal trainer will speed up the process.
I also have to look at classes for next semester.