January 9th, 2009

Disney---Ariel luvs trash

I get by with a help from my friends...you!

I'm trying to transfer all my LJ entries over to IJ (while keeping the entries here as well of course) but I'm having a lot of trouble. I downloaded two programs, LJsec and LJarchive and I can't use either one of them. I know a few of you are doing the same thing so any tips for a pathetic soul? :P
Misc--Beautiful male


I saw Milk for the third time today, this time I took my mom. I will never get tired of that movie, it will always lift my spirits and break my heart and it will always make me cry.
If you haven't seen it...see it!

Today's photo is of a guy I saw yesterday on a website. I had to save it and share it with you guys because...look at him! He's so lovely to look at :)