January 7th, 2009

Animals--Great gray owl

yay, surveys!

Your Camera: I have a lot...I'll do info on my two main ones
1. What brand is your camera? Canon
2. What model number is your camera? Powershot SD990 IS and Rebel XTi
3. How much did you pay for your camera? $350 and $900
4. Was it on sale? The Rebel was
5. Did you receive it as a gift? No but I've received cameras as a gift
6. Who gave it to you? See above...but the person who gave me a camera was dad
7. How old is your camera? My oldest camera is from the 70s, it was my dad. My newest camera is 2008
8. What color is your camera? Most of them are black but there's a few silver ones
9. Does your camera have a neck strap? My EOS cameras do, my little one has a wrist strap
10. Do you use the neck strap when taking pictures? When I'm using my EOS ones...
11. Have you ever dropped your camera? Yes, my previous Powershot. It still works and I use it :)
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