October 31st, 2008

Craig---I see what you did there!

we are the Highlanderz, mighty and strong!

This makes me happy. I must get this on my iPod!

Also this!


I'm laughing at some of McCain's accusations against Obama. The most laughable? Obama's birth certificate is supposedly into question again, that he wasn't born here. Okay, even if that were true, he would still be a natural born citizen. Why? Two words; duel citizenship.
So yeah, McCain, don't use that BS argument. Kthnx
I just learned from a friend that even if you fall under duel citizenship, a natural born citizen, you can't run for President. That's really pathetic and stupid. So, if you're born in Germany but you're a natural citizen you can't run? Even if you were only in Germany for 10 hours? STUPID!