October 27th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

Lots of kitty photos!

Minerva is growing so fast. She's getting along fairly well with Zoe and the old gal Mystery doesn't care (until Minerva tries to play with her tail!). Spencer, the lone male, is still pissy over this new development but he'll get over it.
That reminds me, Spencer is having some behavioral problems I can use some input on. I've been trying to make him an indoor cat. He's an indoor\outdoor cat but I want that changed for various reasons. We (mom and I) bought an electronic dog door that will only open for the dog so once Spencer comes back in, we're going to turn it on. That's where the problems come in. Whenever I try to keep him in Spencer throws massive tantrums. He pees on the kitchen floor and if I put him next to the litterbox, he'll stare at it and then me and then proceed to pee right in front of it. I've tried placing in him in a litterbox in a different location and even tried changing the litter, but it won't work. I guess some people would say that cats don't do these things on purpose, I think they do. Cats are smart and when you see a cat peeing on your bed looking at you straight in the face, well, you can't say he did that by accident! Anyway, is there any way I can curb this behavior and do you have any tips for turning him into an indoor kitty?

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