October 26th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

political parties are fun!

I just came home from a political party, yes you heard me. It was to honor Congressman Waxman, who is the Congressman for my district. My mom (and dad) are old friends of his and she kept calling him "Henry" which kinda weirded me out. I've met Congressman Waxman a few times in my life but it's always wonderful. The house was full of mom's generation of Young Democrats, these are the people that helped this man come to power. It was actually at that house that he decided to run, heehee. A couple of political figures were there actually. Some Superior Court Judges, a former State Senator, a former City Clerk, the current City Zoning official (he wants more parks!), current City Zoning, and Congressman Howard Berman who is from the next district over. It was a California liberal's haven. Everywhere you go you know you are surrounded by people like you. My buttons were a hit, I wore a "Barak Obama" button but his name was in Hebrew, haha. All the first generation Young Democrats brought their kids (me), so the second generation was there.

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