October 21st, 2008

Weird Al -- with me


My nephew! I'm not keen on baby girls but I gotta admit I'm a sucker for a well behaved baby boy (once he reaches a certain age). Andrew's at the age where I can start really getting into being an aunt. Another half year and I can take him to zoos! :D

Girl babies...and toddlers...they unnerve me. Silly since I'm a girl but if I were to have kids I think I'd want my first kid to be a boy.
Weird Al -- with me

new stuff, yay!

In honor of Wilson and House becoming boyfriends again I have decided to stop being lazy and finally uploaded that awesome House mood theme that lidi created.
Last week's episode was absolutely amazing, tonight's should be wonderful! I hope House is extra clingy.
Foreman: House, we have a new patient...
House: Oh? Maybe it's cancer! Brb, gonna ask Wilson!

I'm excited for 8pm :3

Tonight's episode was wonderful! A more complex look at Thirteen and some more House\Wilson dynamics. Next week's teaser looks intense! I'm a House\Wilson girl for sure but House\Cuddy is my second. I think that teaser points to her being overemotional and doing something she might later regret.