October 15th, 2008

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Kudos to pansylove for remembering that brilliant bit from The Simpsons for the subject line!

Tonight's debate was the best I think. Obama was scoring low with the CNN Ohio panel of voters in the beginning but he came into his own when McCain started to trash him for ACORN and Ayers.
Obama was a bit dry tonight but in my opinion, he still won. He was reassuring and calm. He reminded me a little of JFK at times. He is asking the American people to make sacrifices to make this country great again. He's right, the bigwig politicians aren't the only ones that can help this country, you and I and Joe the Plumber can help!
"Ask not what this country can do for you but what you can do for your country"~~JFK
I also thought his closing speech was lovely. McCain used basically the same closing speech as he did last time. That he served and he wants to serve this great nation again. Obama talked about what an extreme honor it would be and then said what he can do for us.

McCain really needs to stop trashing Obama and start trying to pick up his campaign. He acted so butthurt about the dirty political ads going on and had the gall to say that Obama has ran the dirtiest campaign ever. Excuse me? I think I've seen one Obama ad that trashed McCain as a person. The "dirty ads" McCain talks about bash his politics which is pretty damn normal for an election! There's an Obama ad that bashes McCain's health care plans. I've seen two or three McCain ads that bash Obama as a person. Obama was right though, the voter's mind shouldn't be on these dirty commercials but should be on the issues. Obama really sticks to his point and hasn't swayed that often throughout this campaign. McCain and Palin (mostly Palin) have gone on the offensive, bringing Obama's past up and having the audacity to claim that he really isn't a true patriotic American. I'll admit that Palin is doing this far more then McCain but McCain isn't innocent!

Also, I laughed at the health care coverage. McCain not liking Obama's plans for American health care and saying that if we like his plan then we'd like Canada and England. He says it likes it's a bad thing! Yes, there's bugs to work out with a universal health care but at least everybody has a chance. My best friend is being screwed around by the government and can benefit deeply by a universal health care. In fact, when he gave the Canada\England quote I started yelling at the tv that yes, I do like those two countries!

Also Autism=/=Downs Senator McCain, please try to remember that. Honestly!

Also, enough with the taxes! We get it, you think taxes suck. Nobody likes taxes but they are sometimes necessary.

What else...
Oh, poor Joe The Plumber, he shall forever be known as that.

Lastly, CNN's coverage had a split screen for over half of the debate. It showed both candidates and really showed McCain. He was doing a lot of what killed Gore and Dole when they ran. He rolled his eyes, scoffed, did little condescending smirks, and it even looked like he was shooting death glares at Obama! At certain points I expected steam to start pouring out of his ears. Meanwhile, Obama was Mr. Cool xD

The abortion topic got me pretty upset. McCain basically completely disregarded the health and welfare of the woman. Also, saying that a person who is pro-choice is pro-abortion? Nobody is pro-abortion! I'm pro-choice but that doesn't mean I'd use abortion as birth control or something. I have the right to choose what I do with my body. If I don't want the child I have the right to abort the embryo and I have the right to put the child up for adoption. Giving it to the states to decide is just bad! Women would have to leave the state to get abortions and many of these women wouldn't be able to do that. It would increase the amount of back alley and coat hanger abortions. Just because you ban abortion doesn't mean you stop abortion. Making it illegal to abort will juts endanger the woman, making it legal will give that woman choices.
Oh and there's a bill on CA's ballet that has to do with abortion. The prop, if passed, will make it a requirement for underage girl's parents to be notified prior to any abortion procedures. Um...no. Again, that will lead to dangerous abortion procedures by girls that are too frightened to get it done legally and having their parents find out.
And to think, this was McCain's best debate! Doesn't say much P:

Alright that's it!

PS--Michelle Obama looked so lovely in her little blue dress :D

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