October 7th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

Equus Equus Equus Equus Equus!

I finally bought my airplane tickets to get to New York. Thank goodness that's out of the way, $385 out of my pocket but no more worries about not being able to find a flight! I booked my hotel room a few weeks ago so that's out of the way and I also bought a ticket to see Spamalot (with Clay Aiken, lolz).
evilcresyluna, you still interested in going?

1 month, 1 week, 5 days until Equus! :D
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Weird Al -- with me


My sweet Minerva, I love this little girl to pieces!
She's a pretty intelligent kitten but she's also in that "much chew everything!" stage. I think she likes the taste of human flesh :P
Whenever I'm home I let her out of her crate otherwise she starts screaming. She doesn't mind being in the crate to eat, sleep, poop, etc but if she hears me she wants out! Understandable of course, so I take her out and let her play in the living room or my room. After awhile she'll start meowing very loudly and giving me a certain look and that tells me it's time to put her in her crate so she can use her litter box. Smart!
She likes to harass my other female Zoe who takes it with quiet dignity. Zoe's been so good throughout this whole thing, she's only smacked and hissed a few times and she never has her fur raised or her claws out. Her brother Spencer hates the situation and tells this to the world loudly. He'll get over it though ;)
Heidi's skittish around Minerva and Minerva could care less about the dog unless she dares come near her. If Heidi invades her personal bubble Minerva will spit and raise her fur like a Halloween kitty and Heidi slinks away.

The batteries on my little Canon were dead so I used my Rebel.

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