October 5th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

car damage

Monday I'll be taking my car to a few body shops that my insurance recommend and I'll make a decision on who will be fixing my baby.
I remember the lady moaning and bitching about how her car is brand new.
Me: "how old?"
Her: "Less then three months"
Me: "Oh, mine is new too"
Her: "It says July on your sticker"
Me: "It has less then 2,000 miles on it. It's new"
She kinda gave me a look. I'm sorry but it is new to me. Looking at my archives I realized that I picked out my car October 3 of last year and paid for it October 7th. That stupid lady hit my car exactly a week before I would have had it a year. That makes me even more annoyed.

A couple of people said that I'm getting too worked up about it, that it'll be easily fixed. Maybe so but it's the principle for me. This is my first car, my little space ship...my Millennium Falcon if I want to get right down to it! It has less then 2,000 miles on it (almost there!) so it's still a new car and hasn't even had it's birthday yet. Yah, I'm steamed about it :(

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