October 2nd, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

dates, debates, and stress!

So much happened today! Some good and some bad. Which should I mention first? The good I think!

I had my date! Justin is a very nice guy and much cuter in person ;)
We went to the Natural History Museum and then spent a hour at the Science Center right down the block. He's a definite geek and it was a pleasure spending time with him. He gave me a hug after escorting me back to my car ^.^
I hope this can lead somewhere...

I got lost on the way home. I made a wrong turn because I couldn't see the street sign (sun glare plus bad eyesight). I knew I was lost and finally I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Inglewood!" ACK! That's not too bad but it isn't close! I finally recognized a major street and got home just in time for the debates.

The debates....Palin can't you answer a freaking question straight? You always went back to Iraq and taxes, answer the questions! I will not be completely biased though, I do admit she did better then I expected but not by much. Biden knew what he was talking about and he gave clear answers about their goals. Palin was all over the place and always tiptoed around answering a question and always went back to the same things. Biden was much stronger and assertive, he really confronted Palin at certain points and threw her words back in her face ("now that is a real road to nowhere!"). Mwahaha!
You could also tell that he was insulted (and rightly so!) when Palin said that he wouldn't have as much of a grasp as her about parenting concerns. ! I'm feeling pretty confident about November but I know that anything can happen. Hopefully Obama\Biden can keep it up and we can win this election!

Lastly, I got in a car accident. I went to the bank to get money for the museum and parked in the street. My brain kept saying to park in the lot but did I listen? Nooo, I parked on the street! I was pulling out, absolutely nobody was coming in my lane. I was about 90-95% out of my spot and about to pick up speed when BAM, somebody smacked into the side front of my bumper! We exchanged info and I headed to the museum shaken up but making sure I put it behind me so I could have fun. I called my insurance guy after I got to the museum, he wasn't there though so I left a message. I'm so angry. I'm a sheep okay? This lady, this old lady, said "you came right at me!". I was so shaken up from not ever being in an accident that I said "I'm sorry." Is that an admission of guilt? She also made me write down that it was my fault and I'm kicking myself that I did it! I was shaken up and skittish and got guilted into it despite thinking it wasn't my fault. I saw nobody coming and I was nearly out of my space! I was pulling out not backing out and there were cars parked in front and in back of me so I was being extra cautious. The car behind me was a sedan though so I could see the street and saw nobody! I was already in the lane when she hit me actually, I don't know if she hit me from the lane beside me or if she just pushed her way from the lane I was in and got me because by the time I looked she was in the lane next to me (I saw her move a bit to the left out of the corner of my eye while I was busy shaking). My mom said that there's too much damage for her to have been going a slow speed. That street is 25mph and she said the lady was probably going 40mph. SHe also thinks that she pulled out the alley right there or made an illegal left turn from a side street and started speeding. Nobody bothered to stop to give numbers for witnesses and there wasn't anybody walking. I'm so angry that I was guilted into signing something so when I talk to my insurance guy I'll be up front and honest and mention that I wrote that down and maybe, just maybe, things will be alright. My poor baby car, I haven't even had it a year! Eleven months, I got it last October! My mom said that it will cost $3,000 to fix, thank goodness for insurance though! The whole drivers side bumper is smashed. The lower part, near the tires, are actually sliced from being bent in so bad. I had to get to the museum so I heard how it handled. I had to battle my wheel to stay in my lane, every time I turned my wheel it scraped and whenever I went down a hill it would scrape when I evened out. I am so freaking angry and very upset.
I resolved to have a good time though so I put it to the back of my head and when I finally got home I develop a massive headache from the stress, it was a nervous reaction. I'll take photos of the car tomorrow -.-