August 25th, 2008

South Park--Stan\Kyle maturity

I love mood themes

Yay, new mood theme! There's another SP mood theme that I want to use eventually but I'm too lazy to work on it right now. The creator couldn't get it on a zipfile so I have to save each picture individually. That'll be a hassle on the laptop so when I get my desktop back I'll work on it.

All of these are from the movie if you couldn't figure it out. Too much Cartman...but oh well! :D

Five more days until Alaska!!!
Weird Al -- with me

*sneeze* :P

I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn. Or should I say I was already up at that hour because of insomnia! I got three hours of sleep and I'm about to run some much needed errands!

A quick update first. First of all, this computer is built crappy. The power cord broke off in the computer. I know have the cord lying on the floor and the little jack stuck in the computer. stuck. I'm sure I can get it out with pliers (when the computer is off) but I'm mad! I don't know if stores sell just the power cord, I better call around. This couldn't have come at a worse moment. We're leaving for Alaska on Friday and we want to take the computer with us. Blah

Also, my bother is an arrogant jerk. The fights between him and mom are escalating and they are both at fault for the majority of them. Not this time, this is all Adam!
Mom called him today to let him know we'd be out of town for a week. He jumped on her about how I'll be missing school, how could she screw up my schooling like this, why she has to force me on this trip! I knew I would be missing school so I already made appointments with the professors from each class. They are all okay with it since it's only the first week (they're also okay with when I'm gone for a week in November). I'll just have to make up work and keep up, but it's fine. I actually wasn't even planning on going this semester because of this very reason but I changed my mind. How is she screwing up my schooling? I'm 25 and can take care of these things myself, she's not my minder! Also, I was the one who suggested Alaska. I kinda pushed until she agreed!
He called back a hour ago and told her he's not going to be calling my therapist. Mom's been wanting to go into a family session with her, Adam, and myself. Adam said he decided not to call and make the appointment (mom was fine to work around Adam's schedule) because "you obviously don't want things to change. You are fine with how these things are otherwise you'd come to me and not complain about these things to your friends!"
Adam has some nerve. Mom wants to work things out, that's why she called the therapist! That's what a therapist is for. Also, Adam has been calling all of mom's siblings and friends, trying to find out "why mom is creating monsters". He's taking it outside the immediate family, he's bringing it to people that don't need to know. Going to my mom's best friend to try to "reason with the insanity"?! That's just not on!

I guess I better start calling for that computer cord, still angry about that!