August 23rd, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

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Got any good recommendations for a good and affordable anti virus program? Anti spyware would be welcome as well. Mine blows, I want to try something else.

Also, my Gmail isn't working. I want my email! *grumbles*
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Weird Al -- with me

Obama\Biden 08'

Good choice Obama! I'm peeved at the media for spoiling it for us but it's a good choice. What Obama lacks in foreign affairs Biden makes up for in spades. Plus they both have charisma and are very good speakers.
Weird Al -- with me


I took my computer to BestBuy to get it fixed. Normally I wouldn't bother with them since it seems that the majority of Geek Squad people don't know what they're doing (at least at my stores). I bought my computer there and it was under warranty, so I wanted to take advantage of that. Thankfully the person that helped me seemed like he knew his stuff. It'll cost me a bit but since I had the warranty I was able to save some money. I should get it back in about 5 days, before Alaska thankfully!

I'm going to buy a laptop when we get back from Alaska. I don't need one that badly right now but there's a store int he valley that specializes in laptops. They still have some Windows XP computers in stock and that's what I want. I need to get one asap otherwise I'll be stuck with crappy Vista (oh how I hate Vista). It'll be convienient to have if nothing else ;)

I canceled my hotel room for the Bronx. I found out it's in a bad area so now I'm looking somewhere else. I have three hotel choices, all of them have their plus sides. Oh, that reminds me! evilcresyluna, will you be willing to pay for half the hotel fee for the day's you are sharing it with me? Not the whole time of course since you'll only be there a few days, but the times you are there? It would be a lot of help ;)

Dan's on Conan Tuesday! I haven't really watched Conan in months. I know, I'm a Conan girl...but...not anymore. I still like Conan but he isn't as funny as he used to be. I'll watch his monologues online otherwise I only watch him if he has somebody I adore. I'm a Craig girl, I <3 Craig! I want to see Danrad on Craig one day. The day Dan is on Craig is the day I see the taping again! I'll bite and claw my way in but I'll be in the audience by gum! Heh

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