June 3rd, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

rattie rats

That's the little guy I'm getting as a companion. Let's hope I only get him and I don't come home with more then one guy! I'm giving myself a limit, I will not come home with more then two. If I want another, it will only be one other, making my rat total to three. No more then that! xD
He's a pearl harley dumbo, he's so adorable. Eight weeks and knowing my friend's rats, he's already a big squish :D

My mom told the gardener to throw out all my cages. She told me and I told her which ones I wanted to keep, put them in a corner of the backyard. She obviously forget to tell the gardener because I went outside today to clean a cage for the boys and saw them all gone! Over $900 in cages trashed, I'm so mad! The cage that came with these guys...I keep seeing babies pop out. I'm transferring them to my only other cage, a huge ferret monstrosity! I don't want to use that for my two boys so I asked my friend if she still had any cages she wanted to get rid of. She did thank goodness, it's a homemade 2x2 1\2. It's decent while they're still this size and until I can afford to buy another cage. She's giving it to me for free because of our friendship, grateful for that! She'll also give me some of her rattie food that turns her boys into monsters (size wise, they're healthy...just...big, lol)

Go here to see jumbo rats!
I highly doubt any of those boys are still alive, I know for a fact that most of those rats have passed on. These were early this century, probably 2005. Just shows how big they are. When I had rats and was breeding, I was there a few times a year and I always played and snuggled those guys. Sweetest bunch of boys! The boy going down the ladder in the last row came from my rattery "Petey". :3

There was an election today, voted of course. There was a "Richard Nixon" on the ballet. I wanted to vote for him just to say I voted for Richard Nixon! He wasn't the one I wanted though so I didn't. :P