May 22nd, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

Indiana Jones can still sling a whip :3

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A rant post to come a bit later.

The trailers were...meh. I am so excited for Get Smart but..honestly, and I know some of you will disagree with me, but...I could care less about Wall-E. I can't stand that animation, it's taking over traditional animation. Now, I know PIXAR is basically 100% of this stuff, and that's fine for them I guess. It's taking over everywhere else though. 90% of animated movies are in that media and the 10% that are traditional...well..they suck. I rarely see these types of movies, it really has to catch my eye and WALL-E didn't. I like robots and I like sci-fi movies but that movie really doesn't intrigue me. Neither does Kung-Fu Panda, that one just looks really stupid.

Next midnight movie: X-FILES!!!
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Eric's last hurrah

I was supposed to see the movie with a bunch of Anthropology classmates. Well, guess who was in charge of getting the tickets? Eric. We all gave him the money to get the tickets, well that went fine. He got the tickets and we all went our merry way. Except Eric got the group tickets to see it in Santa Monica and he got me a ticket at The Bridge, in Culver City. He told me everybody was going to see it at The Bridge, so I headed there to meet up with everybody. Nobody was there of course. He purposefully did that. I'm used to seeing movies alone, I hate it but I'm used to it. This time though, it was like a bitter taste in my mouth, it really hurt me. I was going to see a movie with people who I consider almost friends. The last time I saw a movie with somebody other then my mother was Order of the Phoenix with Ben and the others. (edit: I saw Iron Man with Eric, forgot about that..or tried to, lol) I just don't get to go out with friends because I really don't have any friends that are local! This time..I was going to see a great movie with people who are interested in Archeology, I was going to laugh and joke and have fun with. Eric ruined it for me. Why would he do something like that? What's the point? Tomorrow (well, today) is the last day I see him, then he's transferring to Santa Barbara, I suppose he needed one more dig at me. We went out one week and I left him on friendly terms, with the thought that even though we wouldn't date, we could be friends. He stomped on that, said awful things about me being desperate, and then nearly ruined the movie for me. Nearly ruined it, I was not going to let that walking sphincter ruin a movie I've been waiting a year for! Like I said, I'm used to seeing movies alone. Though it hurt me to sit there, surrounded by groups of friends, I did it. I enjoyed the movie despite him and tomorrow I am going to let him know just what I think of him, let the others know what happened.

That's what Eric is.
Weird Al -- with me

lolz, weather

Today's weather was wacky! There was no word of any storms and it was partly cloudy the whole day. Then BAM, it started pouring and there was thunder. There was heavy hail in some areas, and it hailed for a few minutes when I was driving home. In Riverside County there were tornadoes! Not the normal wimpy ones Cali gets, these were a little bigger, overturning semis! It was an east to west nutty storm, came out of nowhere with no warning! NUTS!

I told Eric he was "a jackass of epic proportions." The others agreed :P

Nutty weather and a soapbox moment

That's about 60 miles from me, nuts! Here's the article!

Californians narrowly reject gay marriage
It looks like this issue is really going to heat up

Obama woos Jewish voters in Florida
"One of the painful things for me over the past several years," he said, "has been to see the strains between the Jewish community and the African American community." He said he wanted to regain "that sense of a common kinship, of a people who've been uprooted, a people who've been on the outside --that strikes me as the very essence of what we should be fighting for."
Obama is gaining my respect.
I hate how some people wouldn't vote for a person because they have a Muslim sounding name. Muslims aren't our enemy, the fanatical extremists are. Islam is a religion based on peace, the same with Judaism and Christianity! All three religions are intertwined throughout history and are all centered around people who promoted peace! You don't see people bashing the Christians because of the Crusades! What about the Spanish Inquisition? Both were terrible times with terrible actions against other faiths! We have a group of Muslims who have warped their religion, turning it into a mockery of what it should be, and because of these people the whole Muslim community is blacklisted! It really isn't right. My brother got harassed after 9\11 because he looks like a Muslim! I know some wonderful and decent Muslims, and the man at 7-11 always has a kind word for me! Why the hell are we basing a whole group of people on the small amount of people who warp the Koran around for their needs? Some Christians do the same thing with the Bible, they twist the words around to suit their needs. Jews aren't blameless either. Wow, I got on my soapbox for a little news article. I didn't originally like Obama, I wanted Edwards! Hell, I still do, but I know that Obama will get the Democratic ticket, Clinton doesn't have a prayer anymore. I'm reading more articles on him to get a feel for this man, and I'm gaining some respect for him.