May 21st, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

Random thoughts floating in my brain

I love doing these list posts, they're fun! Your mind goes off in all sorts of directions!

~So I'm listening to Ministry of Magic, their holiday song O Holey Night. A thought popped in my head...and this thought comes to me quite a lot so it's not anything new. JK was evil killing Fred, separating the Twins. How monstrous! The following scene is in my head
St. Peter: Okay you lot! You're all here to be judged and since there are more of you then usual pay attention and lend me your ears!
Fred: *throws George's ear like Men In Tights*
I've gone barking mad! :D
~I totally pwn'd Tuesday's finals. Well, I kicked one's arse and the other I just bitch slapped. My Library Science class was the one I bitch slapped, I'm sure I did alright on it. The humanities one got dominated, I totally nailed it!
~A little over a week until my REM concert!
~I love Bad Religion. This song is amazing!
~One of my favorite 90s bands, The Offspring, are playing in San Diego. I'd love to see them but I'm not going to waste gas driving down there and I don't feel like wasting money on a concert ticket. If I had to buy another concert ticket, it would probably be to see Pearl Jam!
~Indiana Jones in less then 24 hours!
~I'm still trying to think of a layout for my lj.
~I'm so tired. It's a sucky kind of exhaustion though. You know the kind, you are bone tired but you just know that if you go to bed you won't be able to fall asleep.
~My friend loned me her book on STDs with graphic photos. It's an educational and gross read. I love icky medical stories and photos.
~I had some bread pudding earlier, omfg it was amazing!</b>
~I want to talk to my cousin. He's done with the AP tests so he has more free time but he's still a busy beaver. I'll probably get to text back and forth with him this weekend...
~I really want to watch X-Files but I'm too tired

Okay, that's all for the list. I'm going to pimp Facebook. If you aren't a member, go join! I think it's getting a bit like MySpace but it isn't that evil yet, plus the applications (well, some of them) are kinda fun. Also, for anybody interested you can IM me here:
AIM: witherwing7 (no 's')
Yahoo: iamsaries

Don't IM me tonight though (if you were thinking that), I'm hoping to sleep soon.
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Well, looks like Canada's out

I sent away for my birth certificate back in the beginning of February. According to their policy, they would have started the process right after my check cleared and it would have taken 12 weeks since then until I can get it. My checked cleared in around the end of February and I got a thing in the mail saying that my birth certificate would get here around now. It hasn't come yet so my mom called them (I was planning to do it later, she beat me to it). They didn't start processing it until April 23! Weeks after when they were supposed to! I'll be lucky if I get it by July! We wanted to go to British Columbia but it looks like that won't happen!
My mom then called the State Assembly person for our district to see if she can help (Karen Bass). I hope she can help, this is just ridiculous! It's easier to get a Passport then a birth certificate! Blah!

I have one final today, English. Tomorrow I have Anthropology and then I'm free! Haha, if it were any other final I wouldn't see Indy tonight but it's anthro! A bunch of Anthro people, with only that final tomorrow, are going to see it. We're all comfortable with it.

Time to get ready for school!
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