May 16th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

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I'm in the mood to watch The Crow. I haven't seen that movie in at least ten years! I was obsessed with that movie when I was young. I went through a Crow phase, reading all the graphic novels, drawing the dark art, drawing Eric (the Crow).
Wow, I think I'll look for my old VHS copy of it and watch it this weekend.

I had such a crush on Brandon Lee and his character. Poor guy :(
Weird Al -- with me

Go away sun

It's so freaking hot! BLARGH!!! I'm really sticky and I'm melting, ick. Our AC isn't working, so we have to call somebody to fix it. My fan is on high but it's not really helping. I hate heat!

We picked up some koi and catfish. We're going back next week for a black catfish and a black koi, they were out when we went. We got a small gray catfish, two small koi, a medium koi that looks like a tortie cat, and a semi large gorgeous white butterfly koi. The koi are from Israel and they were so active and friendly. They ate out of our hands. I tied some CDs up on the trees, the reflections and shine of them should ward off the heron. We're going to look for a pond cover, a very fine mesh so it doesn't make the pond ugly.
Yay fish!
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