May 13th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me


Dear Birds,

It's 2 in the morning and you are chirping. Shut up and get yourselves some clocks.

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Weird Al -- with me

I'm awake and I can't concentrate on my studies

It's taking absolutely forever to get this mood theme done. Main problem is that I'm not focused on it, I got more important things to worry my math final. I hope to have it done by my birthday. Speaking of...I'm going to be a fossil! I don't want to be 25, I'm starting to understand why some people lie about their age...

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I need an Across the Universe icon...heck, I've been needing a Beatles icon (and peace). I must search the interwebs!

Some stuff happened yesterday. An old Rabbi friend of ours collapsed in the office. Diane (spoiled engaged girl) and her step-dad Vlad went to see his advice on her fiancee, who's an Israeli citizen. Rabbi Rose is an immigration lawyer, he's amazing and such a beautiful soul. He's so kind, he's a lot like my father. He also has diabetes and isn't watching out for himself as much as he should. He was wobbly when they come into his office and he sat down and fell asleep, they couldn't wake him. Ceder's Sinai wouldn't take him because they don't take his insurance (the asshole hospital actually turned his ambulance away, have I mentioned I hate them?). It was touch and go for a awhile, they didn't think he'd make it. His wife was an absolute wreck and having his doctor say "you gave him his pills at the wrong time, so his blood pressure is so high because of you" does not help. Mom said she was ready to rip him a new one, what kind of thing is that to say to a grieving wife? Reminds me of that Ceders doctor who kept insisting on an autopsy for Dad. In the Jewish faith, you don't perform an autopsy. It wasn't like it was a huge mystery, my father had Lupis so his death was related to that. No, he kept pushing and he was just being terrible. Another Rabbi friend, who's very passive, was ready to punch him :x
Anyway, Rabbi Rose was awake when my mom went home. He wanted to go home himself but they wouldn't let him. All his kids are in NYC and they've been trying to sell their house but, with the market, it's been tedious. My mother keeps telling Glenda (wife) to just pack up and move to NYC to be with their kids and let the house sell. I agree, this opened my eyes to how frail Rabbi Rose is, he needs to be with his kids, be surrounded by them.
He's such a nice man, I've known him since I was a kid.